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Big and beautiful is just the beginning when you add this Built-In Prestige PRO 825 with Infrared Rear Burner to your ideal outdoor kitchen. Dual heads can handle everything you could imagine grilling and more. Use the rear burner for a rotisserie meal, or the dedicated infrared bottom burners for the perfect sear. The durable stainless steel wave rod cooking grids guarantee the iconic wave pattern in your grilled cuisine. Turn this gorgeous grill into a smoker too, with the integrated smoker tube and dedicated burner; you can even grill with charcoal using the optional charcoal tray. Youll be grilling in style with this PRO Series grill. Gleaming stainless steel construction with chrome accents is just the start. Redesigned knobs show off bright LED lights for late night entertaining, and when you lift the lids, interior lights make night grilling easy. When you design and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, add the built-in grill head that will make those dreams come true.

* When being built into Oasis cabinets, the BIPRO825RBI cannot be used directly adjacent to the 45 transition kit (IM-45T).

Disclaimer: The island and built-in components shown do not come with the BIPRO825RBI. The image is an interpretation of how it might look.

Built-In propane gas hook up: Do not use a hose to connect to the unit. It must be connected with rigid pipe, copper tube or an approved flexible metal connector which complies with Z21.4 / CSA 6.10.

Do not place propane cylinder tank directly under grill head or near the appliance.