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Get the ambiance or warmth you need from these beautifully designed fireplaces. Choose the Boulevard 48 ( 38,000 Btu ) for smaller spaces or the Boulevard 60 ( 46,000 Btu ) if you have room for it.

To tailor your Boulevard, start with an elegant porcelain black liner that goes well with any dcor or opt for an industrial chic look with the Ridgeback liner a one-piece corrugated metal liner finished in distressed bronze. A liner is required for the 60-inch, and optional for the 48-inch (the 48-inch comes standard with a Matte Black liner).

Crushed glass cover the fireplace floor, while the variable lighting ( standard on 60-inch and option for the 48-inch) lets you set the perfect mood, whether the fireplace is burning or not. The translucent shades of crushed glass allow the under-floor white light system to shine through.

The available Rustic Log Set includes a unique assortment of ceramic fiber logs and stones, plus coiled slivers of stainless steel that react to the light and flames to bring your fireplace to life.