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Perfect your space with a 48-inch Napoleon Patioflame Burner Kit. This unique kit allows you to install our beautiful ribbon of flame into a custom base that suits your outdoor living space completely.


Add to the style and excitement of your backyard oasis with Napoleons Linear Patioflame Burner Kit. Sleek and modern, a ribbon of flame flows from the shining Topaz Glass ember bed. Sparkle isnt the only thing thats going for this unit, if the flame is accidentally blown out during a windy day, Napoleons Thermo couple Valve system automatically cuts the gas supply so you and your family stay safe, and youre not wasting gas. An optional glass windscreen is also available to help protect the flame from blowing out on an extra windy day.

This outdoor unit can be built-in to most non-combustible materials to complete the look of the perfect conversation area, or define the space of your outdoor dining experience. Use propane or convert to natural gas, which are easily lit by the built-in electronic starter. Even the flame height is customizable so you can provide heat, or ambiance, or both.

Bring the excitement of 60,000BTUs in an outdoor fire pit to your home with Napoleons Linear Patioflame Burner Kit today and experience the ambiance only the glow of a fire can provide. Your backyard oasis isnt complete without one.