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Perfect your space with Napoleons 25-inch Square Patioflame Burner Kit. Easily install a gas burning fire pit into a custom base that suits your outdoor living space completely.


A modern work of art, the Square Patioflame Burner Kit produces rippling flames that flow from multiple burner ports. Shiny and modern the beautiful Topaz Glass Ember Bed reflects the dancing flames into your space. Bring the excitement of 60,000 BTUs in an outdoor fire pit to your outdoor living space with Napoleons Square Patioflame Burner Kit today and experience the ambiance only the glow of fire can provide. Your backyard oasis isnt complete without one.

Tailor your garden oasis with Napoleons Square Patioflame Burner Kit. The burner pan installs easily into most non-combustible materials to add a focal point to your conversation area, or define the dining area with this unique piece of fire art. The choices are endless with propane or the optional conversion kit for natural gas.

The built-in electronic starter lights your Square Patioflame almost instantly, and with flame height adjustment, you can further personalize your experience, providing heat, ambiance or both. Napoleons thermo couple valve makes sure you dont have to worry if the flames are interrupted. When the Patioflame goes out, the valve activates making sure that the gas is instantaneously cut, protecting your family from gas leaks, and your pockets from wastage. An optional glass windscreen is also available to help protect the flame from blowing out on an extra windy day.