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"Impressive" is the best description for this massive wood burning fireplace. Designed for large living spaces, the Georgian 36, 42 and 50 fireplaces feature a full brick to face design with no visible sheet metal. Astria's Mosaic Masonry system uses real firebrick walls that gives your home an upscale feel for a fraction of cost. Traditional Warm Red or Ivory brick colors are available in multiple patterns. Premium Estate refractory liners exhibiting texture and fine detail are also available in Creamer, Cappuccino, Grey and Rust colors. All models come fully insulated for trouble free operation in colder climates.

Features :

Enormous opening dimensions
Firebrick lined featuring either the patented Mosaic Masonry technology offering the real look of a site-built masonry fireplace, or beautifully detailed Estate panels
16 different interior liner options
Heavy duty cast Iron grate with andirons and mesh fire screens
Hidden ash dump with pull ring
Radiant heat
Fully insulated fireplace
Optional Outside combustion air kit
Massive smoke dome with no visible smoke shelf
Easy access damper control
Durable powder coat finish creates scratch resistant surfaces and carefree handling
12 double wall wood-burning chimney