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The Classic Hearth Heater combines the best qualities of the Insert series and Classic Stove. It eliminates the cold draft of an open fireplace and because it sits out on the hearth, it gives you convective and radiant heat as a stove does.
Backed by the Regency's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Features :

Maximum BTU 70,000
Optimum Efficiency 84.90%
Firebox Capacity 1.6 cu. ft.
Burn Time up to 8 hrs
Log Size 18"
Emissions (gms/hr) 3.5
View Area 183 sq. in.
Room Size 1500 sq. ft.
Minimum Fireplace Opening ( Standard or Oversize Faceplate )
Width (front) 28"
Height 20"
Dual-burn design creates longer and more complete burns
Seamlessly constructed firebox maximizes efficiency and heat output
Efficient upgrade to keep the heat in your home
Exceptional air wash system keeps glass clean
Heat radiating ceramic glass provides maximum warmth
Heavy duty cast door with cool-to-touch handle
EPA Certified, providing an environmentally friendly and clean burn
Single load of wood providing warmth up to 10 hours
Temperature sensitive blower automatically turns on and off
Simple single draft rod for heat adjustment
Built-in convector airmate directs warm air into the room