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Product Information

Napoleon's EPA certified NZ3000 wood burning fireplace is an smaller version in the powerful High Country Series. This fireplace offers superior, heavy duty boiler plate steel and full refractory lined firebox with advanced EPA technology. Its ultra high efficiencies allow for easily sustained overnight burns. Enjoy this wood burning fireplace that has an elegant, rustic style and is built to the high quality standards.

Features :

Five stainless steel secondary air tubes with 300 ports, which supercharges the fuel burning process and generates a fascinating display of YELLOW DANCING FLAMES
Super low heat control lowers burn rate and shuts the blower down, designed to ensure clean, complete combustion even on the lowest heat output setting
Safety door switch, super low burn override switch and heat activated thermal switch for optional blower are pre-installed
Indoor or outdoor combustion air with 15 to 100% mixing control
Napoleon's advanced EPA wood burning technology allows long, overnight burns
Hand-crafted wrought iron faceplate with keystone and arched double door kit
Heat radiating ceramic glass
Andirons come standard with the unit
Fully lined refractory firebox retains heat, supports overnight burns and provides complete and clean combustion
7" chimney allows economical installation
Easy slide air control lever
Convenient lift handles make it easy to transport the unit
Unit will fit through a standard 30" doorway
Steel template is included with the unit to ensure proper fit for facing material
Two piece, high density ceramic, removable baffle allows easy access for chimney cleaning and maintenance
Rugged, heavy steel firebox construction
Optional 636 CFM central heating system, that provides whole home heating, comes complete with blower, clamps, bracket, automatic damper assembly, wall mounting bracket for variable speed switch, and 12 Volt wall thermostat
Optional powerful 320 CFM remote blower offers superior heat output into the room
Optional painted black arched screen kit allows you to enjoy an open fire atmosphere
President's Limited Lifetime Warranty