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18 Lola Rd, Toronto, ON, M5P 1E4
Standard Features

Dual Burner with glowing embers and decorative ash bed
Millivolt or IPI (intermittent pilot ignition) valve system allows operation during power failure with adjustable flame control.
Heat activated blower with variable speed control
Heat radiating Ceramic Glass
On/Off Rocker switch
Safety Screen Barrier

Optional Features

Clean View Kit - Black (I33CV/I43CV1 Pewter and Copper Vein available)
Surrounds for Clean View - Black (I33SS1/I43S4432 Pewter and Copper Vein available)
Surround Picture Frame for Clean View - Black
Louver Kit - Grills (Black)
Surrounds for Louver Kit - Black
Wall Mount Thermostat - Standard On/Off or Programmable
Remote Control - On/Off, Thermostat, Modulating Thermostat
Contemporary Rock Collection* - Natural or Multi-Colored (Rock Support Platform required)
Decorative Stones or Ember Chunks - (Glass Support Platform required)
Decorative Ember Glass* - Glacier Ice, White, Cobalt(Blue), Black or Bronze(Glass Support Platform required)
Log Set - Fibre Split Oak and Driftwood
Porcelain Reflective Liner
Brick Refractory Liner - Traditional and Herringbone (IDV43 only)
Designer Door - Black with Safety Screen (Requires CV5)
Designer Frame - Black with Safety Screen (Requires CV5)