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Two Rooms and One Fire! This see through unit is sure to impress. Share the heat and the view of this extraordinary Regency fire in two rooms at once. This unit is a perfect way to divide large rooms or share a fire in two rooms with just one fireplace.

Backed by the Regency's comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

P121 Corner option will brighten up any corner . When space is a concern and you want to have an inspired space from a lost corner , this fireplace will transform and warm like no other.

Specifications NG LP
Maximum BTU 40,000 39,000
Turn Down BTU 20,500 20,600
Efficiency 75.00% 75.00%
EnerGuide Rating 60.66% 62.51%
Room Size Medium-Large
View Area 1305 sq. in.
Unit Dimensions
Width (front) 43.5"
Height 36"
Depth 25"

Features :

Direct vent
Large realistic flames and platinum infused glowing embers
Realistic 8-piece collapsed log set and fire grate
Expansive glass with a 641 sq. inch viewing area
Old Town Red side brick panels in standard design
Operates on natural gas or propane